Using a CMS

Using a Content Management System, or CMS, has many benefits. To name a few, a CMS:

  • Simplifies support and training of web authors through the use of a single website development and maintenance tool.
  • Provides a consistent look and feel throughout the site, using professionally-designed templates.
  • Restricts changes to only page content intended to be kept up-to-date. Design and navigation features are protected from accidental (or intentional) damage by content contributors.
  • Makes content changes easy through WYSIWYG editing: no HTML, CSS, or coding knowledge required.
  • Attracts visitors to your websites through built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Creating a website from the ground up can be a highly technical, lengthy, and costly process. Using a  CMS changes all of that; we hope that you find it simple to use and that this help site is instrumental in aiding you in setting your website up with confidence.