Responsive Design

Our goal is to showcase Mercer and its schools, departments and programs with precision and professionalism. Many of the design decisions were made to enhance user experience, visually. One such decision governed the design process more than most — a concept called “Responsive Design,” — seeks to make sure people visiting a website will have a satisfactory experience, whether they are visiting from a phone, tablet or desktop web browser.

From a computer, if you look at a webpage and resize the viewing window, the page will identify the size and respond accordingly. Sometimes elements disappear or rearrange to provide the best access to applicable content.
One of the governing ideas in Responsive Design is “Mobile First”. Like the name implies, “Mobile First” means when we think about what goes on a website, we first think about what the content on a given page will look like on the smallest sized screen (which will typically be a phone, or mobile device). This yields a lot of questions. Who is our audience? What will they see on their screen first? Is that what they want or need to see first? Will the flow of the page be easily understood by a visitor? Is your content concise enough to provide a visitor with all the information they need without continuously scrolling?
In the end, no site will be 100% perfect. There will always be things to fix, but if you think about our content from the perspective of your audience, it will help guide you in making a winning website.