Web Accessibility

Web accessibility means that people with disabilities -- visual, physical, etc -- can navigate, read, and interact with a website.

In general, web accessibility isn't complicated as there are certain practices that you as a content owner and contributor can incorporate as you are creating a website that will ensure equal access and equal opportunity to people of all ability levels. The benefit of establishing these habits extends beyond only including users with disabilities–often, these practices will help boost search engine result ratings while cultivating a better web experience for users of all abilities.

Basic suggestions for accessibility include:

  • Provide accurate and detailed "alt text" or captions for any images you add to the internet.
  • Make sure the title of your page accurately reflects the content a reader can expect to see on that page
  • When providing a downloadable form or document on your page, make sure that you create a PDF from the original text document, not a scanned copy, screenshot or image file (jpeg, png, etc.)