Secondary Page Features

Our secondary pages have been created with the goal of presenting your content well on any device--phone, tablet, or desktop. The major adjustments we've included to achieve this goal include subsite branding ribbon, updated [tree] navigation, and an additional resources link bar. 

Subsite Branding Ribbon

Example of Subsite Branding Ribbon on the Stetson School of Business and Economics SiteThe subsite branding ribbon will be carried through your whole site, on the top of each page, which will help users identify what site they are on. This can be activated using text only or by uploading a Marketing-approved vector version of your school or department word branding. Eventually, the default charcoal black banner will be customizable to Mercer-defined colors.  

Updated Navigation

GIF displaying Tree Navigation actionPreviously, to see the sites underneath a major page, you had to visit that major page and the lesser sites would then be shown in the navigation. The navigation has been upgraded to what we internally call "Tree Navigation" — in comparison to the old navigation, this new version allows visitors to investigate what is in other areas of the site without being required to visit each page. 

Additional Resources Link Bars

GIF displaying LinkBar actionIn addition to the updated navigation, Web Management has created link bars that allow you to display links that you feel are important to your readers but that don't link back to your site.