Home Page Features

The Mercer home page was designed to provide readers with a clear representation of Mercer's mission and accomplishments in a clean, attractive and exciting way. The features that help convey these ideas are described as follows:

New Mercer Site Schematic numbered 1-71.) Header and Menu

The new Mercer header includes a full menu that remains hidden from the reader's view until the click on the "Hamburger Menu" (Three horizontal lines) in the top right of the screen. This hidden menu provides the reader with a search bar, commonly sought webpages, a list of common web applications the reader may need to access, and a complete listing of all Mercer's schools and colleges. The search bar can be selected to either return queries for the whole Mercer website or just the directory.

2.) Branding and Marketing

The Branding and Marketing module aims to make your site stand out to visitors through the use of carefully curated text and photographs. A branding ribbon layered on top of the spotlight hero carousel will provide cohesive branding that displays your school's name while grabbing the reader's attention with imagery directly related to your school. A marketing message area provides an opportunity to greet readers with your mission and purpose as well as provide a secondary image. 

3.) News

The "In the Headlines" module is populated by your school/department news section, if you already have one set up. There are options to have content provided to your site from the University News feed if proper permissions are established. 

4.) Events

The "Upcoming Events" module is defined by two parts: 1.) a simple calendar that pulls from either a Google calendar specific to that school or department and 2.) a sliding, featured events area for image and details of upcoming events. 

5.) Initiatives

The Initiatives module is used on the University Homepage to showcase Schools, Colleges, Centers, and major Initiatives that the University supports. Following the same train of thought, Schools and Departments can use this element and module for showcasing programs, camps, and other important offerings unique to their area. 

6.) Social Media

Web Management is actively pursuing the best way to display your connected social media accounts; the University Home page and School Home pages will have different display options to allow for greater flexibility and modification depending on your needs.  

7.) Footer

The footer will be consistent on all Mercer pages and includes important information for readers, including audience-specific links (Parents, Prospective Students, Faculty and Staff, etc.), University contact information, Emergency Information, and other Policy and Legal considerations.