What's new in Mercer's Web Design

The Mercer website adopted a new design that offers many new features to enhance user efficiency and enjoyment while navigating our content. Launched in phases, Phase 1 implemented the new design on the top-level sites as identified by Mercer leadership. Phase 2 continued the migration of exisiting sites into the new design according to priority based on analytics and university leadership. Here is a complete listing of major changes we have incorporated:

Global features

  1. A design that supports phones, tablets, and desktops
  2. Consistent design across 10 schools and colleges
  3. “TreeNav” navigation that allows a person to access the deepest information in the site without multiple page loads
  4. Styles feature larger fonts and greater line spacing for easier reading
  5. “Our Community” offers links to audience-driven content in a convenient location on each page
  6. Accessibility features, including skip to search, navigation, and content links
  7. Global slide-out menu, including a new integrated directory and website search, popular links, and account login links
  8. A pull-down login interface for authoring
  9. A bottom line in the footer that features regulatory links on every page

University and Other Home Pages

  1. A row-based design that is more customizable and modular
  2. Large, touch-enabled Hero image slider for marketing messages
  3. “In the Headlines” offers a news articles slider that features a touch-enabled carousel and images with each headline
  4. Centralized news management can push articles up and down to school home pages, school news pages, university news page, and university home page [moderated]
  5. “Upcoming Events” now includes featured events images; in addition, it supports the university calendar feed or Google calendars in one design
  6. “Featured Initiatives” element has two modes: a quick links option for single click links and a slider option to showcase schools, programs, centers, etc.
  7. Social media feeds, including embedded latest entries [university home page], and social media ribbons for easy access to social media channels[for each school]
  8. Additional links are available in expandable and collapsible accordions

School features

  1. School quick links
  2. School transactional buttons (e.g. Apply, Request Information, Visit campus)
  3. School marketing messages and branding ribbons

For a more detailed overview of these features, we've compiled walkthroughs of the Home Page Features as well as Secondary Page Features