Creating links within a page

Sometimes you need a way to let users "jump" to the section of your text that applies to them most. Links within your page is an excellent way to help users navigate large passages of text. 

Setting up intrapage links is very easy! Follow this tutorial to acheive a page set up in the same style as this sample page. 

Identify the number of text boxes you need and add them to your page.

Create a text box for each section you'd like to allow users to "jump" to, plus one for the "table of contents". In the sample given above, we have three (3) paragraphs of text. As such, we will create four (4) text boxes.

Insert the predetermined number of text boxes into your page.

In the body of your page, select "Insert new element" > "Text Elements" > "Formatted Text Block (without header)". Insert as many text elements as you wish. In this case, we insert four (4). 

Fill the text boxes with your copy, images, and other content.

Skip the first text element box (since it's your table of contents); type or copy your content to each section following. Style accordingly; in this example, we gave the first paragraph a nice heading style so that it would stand out among the other sections. Save. 

Adding Text to an Anchored Section - Open text box, add content, style, save.

Name each Text Element with a unique name.

Create a short name that will help you remember which section is which. This doesn't have to be a whole word: it can be an abbreviation or some other signifier. You can only use letters and numbers; no spaces or special characters. In this example, we named these sections, "one," "two," and "three". 

Actively name the sections by clicking on the gear icon:gear for editing stuffto the left of your text box, and then select "More" > "Name". Enter your chosen name for that section and Save. 

GIF of steps to change Text Box Name: select Gear > "Name" and then add the custom name you determined for each section. 

Create your Table of Contents

Select the top-most Text Box and add the names of each section you've created. (It is also kind to your users to employ some brief language here about what they can expect on these pages, but that's up to you). With your cursor, highlight the names for each section and select the "Insert Link to CommonSpot Object":

link button in the RTE

On the drop-down menu in the center of the box that appears, select "Bookmark on Current Page". Select the "Bookmark" button, and then select the name of the section you wish to link to that highlighted name. Complete for the other items in your Table of Contents and Save the text element. 

GIF showing how to select text and add bookmark on current pageSubmit, and sit back and enjoy your swanky new page!

Screen shot from the sample page