Redirect: For when you want to delete a Page.

Hope you don't feel too juked, but we're not about to teach you how to delete a page. 

In lieu of deleting, we're going to teach you something better:

  1. how to get rid of a page, and 
  2. give your users the content that they're looking for, while also
  3. future-proofing your life by making sure you never have to worry about the page you're getting rid of rearing its ugly head in Google searches or via outdated links in print publications. 

That's right, my friends, we're talking about...(a little fanfare, please, this is good stuff 🎉)...redirects. If you don't learn anything else here, remember: Never delete a page. Always, always, always redirect it. 

What is a redirect?

A redirect diverts your reader from the original URL (or webpage) they were clicking on to a different one.

If done correctly, the new URL provides better, more updated content for the user while maintaining their original method of reaching the old content so users don't get lost. That way, even if they have your "old page" bookmarked in their web browser, the website will say "hey, the information you're looking for is [over here]." and will send them there seamlessly. 

In the same vein, it also allows search engines to track and maintain pertinent content so new users can find the same information.

How to create a redirect in the Mercer University CMS (CommonSpot)

  1. Open the page that you want to get rid of on the Authoring Server (
  2. Click Properties > Standard
    Redirect Step 2
  3. In the Standard Properties panel that opens, locate "Expiration Date: None" at the bottom. 
    Redirect Step 3
  4. Click the calendar next to "None" and select any date prior to today
    Redirect Step 4
  5. An "Action" drop-down will appear. Select "Redirect to another page/url"
    Redirect Step 5a
    Redirect Step 5b
  6. A new panel, titled "Choose Page - Search Results" will appear. 
    Redirect Step 6
  7. In the Choose Page panel, locate the new page that you want to use. Click Use Highlighted Content.
    Redirect Step 7
  8. You will be returned to the Standard Properties panel. The entry box following Redirect URL will be filled. Click Save. 
    Redirect Step 8
  9. A warning will show up. This is normal. Click OK to see the new page or Cancel if you want to change any settings on this "old" page. 
    Redirect Step 9