Navigation Basics

Mercer's new site-specific navigation, known as "Tree Navigation", allows visitors to investigate what is in other areas of the site without being required to visit each page. 

GIF displaying Tree Navigation action

Editing the Tree Navigation

To make changes to your site navigation, click on the gear signifying that element. You can do this from any page within your site or the site template; this element is "smart" enough to apply your changes site-wide. 

Display of how to enter the tree-nav settings

Within this menu, you will see the whole outline or "tree" for your site. You can click through each page and change their titles, add a description for the page, or hide the page from the navigation by unselecting "Active". 

Adding to and rearranging your site Navigation

Adding a page and rearranging it within your site is a cinch with our tree navigation.  From the page you've created, open up the edit tree navigation menu. Click on the green button with a plus sign on it that says "Add Node". Select the node option that mades the most sense for your needs and then determine which parent site it needs to be housed under, and in which order.

Add Site to Navigation GIF

For example, if you look at the navigation on this page that you're currently reading, "Navigation Basics" is a child of the parent site, "Basic CMS Skills", and its position is 6 out of the seven pages that are considered children of "Basic CMS Skills". The other children pages could also be called "siblings" of the page "Navigation Basics".