Logging In

Logging in directly to your website

You can find your website by navigating in an to your site's authoring URL ("Uniform Resource Locator"; http://www.mercer.edu is a URL). 

You can decipher your site's authoring URL by taking your site's subdomain (the part before ".mercer.edu") and adding it to "author.mercer.edu/mu-". Check out this example:  

Website: wellness.mercer.edu
Authoring URL: https://author.mercer.edu/mu-wellness

If you are interested in navigating directly to a page within your site, you can do so by adding more identifying content to the URL.


Website: wellness.mercer.edu/macon/index.cfm
Authoring URL: https://author.mercer.edu/mu-wellness/Macon/index.cfm

GIF displaying how to log-in

Once you're on the page that you would like to work on, click on the black bar in the center-top of the screen that says, "For Contributors". Click "Log In" and then enter your MU credentials. Then, click on the square with a pencil in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select "Work on this Page". 

Voila, you're in!