Saving vs. Submitting

The CMS allows you to create changes in your text or images and save them for review before submitting the final product to your readers. 

When you work on a page, each time you add or work in an element, to exit, you will often be prompted to "Save" or "Cancel". When you select "Save", that content is saved to the page, which means they aren't live, so readers can't see them...yet. You can have coworkers check or edit content in this state, or you can leave, get a sandwich and come back and continue working on it, it will still be there. 

When you've made all the changes to the page that you wish, click the "Submit" button in the top right hand corner of the screen at the end of the blue toolbar. Submitting your content publishes it publicly, so readers will be able to enjoy the new text, images, and documents you've loaded to the site!