Working with links

A hyperlink, or link for short, is text or an image that when clicked, takes you to a different document or specific place in the same document.

Most links are added to Formatted Text Block Elements. When editing a Formatted Text Block Element, add a link by selecting the text or image that will become the link and click the link toolbar button.

Click this toolbar button to insert a link

Most links are created to other pages in the CMS. When linking to another page in the CMS, you need only click one button.

The default opion is for links inside the CMS.You should choose the page (or other object) wherever it is curently located. Links created in this manner, using the built-in CMS tools, will be automatically updated if the page moves.

Choose the page wherever it is now The link will be automatically updated if the page moves

Future updates to this page will over will talk about how to

  • properly link to another page within your site (and the whole Mercer website, for that matter), 
  • create a link that makes it easy for readers to email you or your department
  • create bookmarks and anchors to make navigation within your site simple for readers

All this and more coming soon!