Element Overviews

A few of the major changes to elements in the Mercer CMS include:

Rich Text Editor

The text element in the newest version of the CMS has been upgraded to a significantly more robust text editor called CK Editor.  Along with the minor changes that come with a new editor (the buttons being rearranged, indenting capable through the tab key, etc.), we've also added some new styling options that are available on sites using the new design for photos/images and quotations. 

Additional Resources LinkBar

GIF displaying LinkBar action

The new link bar can be used for any collection of links you prefer, but please group them in a manner that makes logical sense for your user.

Spotlight Branding Ribbon

Example of Subsite Branding Ribbon on the Stetson School of Business and Economics SiteThe subsite branding ribbon gives readers a way to know which page their on, as well as a way to find the site navigation (Tree Nav) when viewing the page at the smallest screen size.