Working with documents

Sometimes you just need to share a pdf, Word document, or other such item with your audience. Adding documents and new versions is an easy process with a CMS. 

Add a new document

Add a new version of a previously uploaded document

Adding a New Document

  1. From the My Commonspot toolbar, select New > Uploaded Document
  2. Select your subsite. You can select a subfolder if you want to put it somewhere specific, but selecting just your subsite will allow you to access that file more easily from any page you want to link to it from. Select Subsite
  3. Select "Choose File" and navigate to the File on your computer that you'd like to use. Fill out the CommonSpot Title and Description (you can click the little yellow circle with the down arrow to automatically copy what you wrote further down). Document Name
  4. Select Save. You can now Link to this document from your text elsewhere on the website. 


Uploading a New Version of your Document

Often, you may find that you need to make minor changes on a document and would like to repost it to the same website you have been using. 

To add a new version of your file, 

  1. From the CommonSpot toolbar, select My Content > My Uploaded DocumentsSelect My Uploaded Documents
  2. From the My Uploaded Documents window, you can find the document you're looking to replace by completing some of the pertinent fields provided. If you know that the file is within your site, but you're not sure exactly where, select "Include Child Subsites". You can also search for documents not expressedly owned by you or documents that were up loaded in a particular time period. Select FilterMain menu for document search
  3. After you recieve the results from your search, click the first icon under the Actions column. From there, select Upload new version.Search Results Uploaded Document
  4. Finally, select Choose File to navigate to the new version of the file on your computer or server. Select Save and you're all done--every place that your document was linked to previously will be updated! Upload New Version Screen