Create a page

Before you create a new page within your website, let's answer a few questions: 

  • Do you know who your audience is? 
  • Think about the content you want on this page. Is this same/similar content available elsewhere within your site already? 
  • If this content is not available elsewhere within your site, where do you think it should belong (under and adjacent to which pages)? 
  • Is where you want it to belong a logical location that readers will have an easy time finding? 
  • Is this something that can stand alone, or does it need to be a part of a group of pages a

Get more information about creating a Site in general here.

Once you've ironed out what content you want on a page and where you would like for it to be found, you are ready to officially create your page. You can do this by: 

  • Selecting New>Page from the grey CommonSpot toolbar
  • Choose the Subsite/Folder you wish for that page to be housed under 
  • Identify the Template you wish to use for this page by searching for the name of your subsite in the given block. Choose carefully, this selection cannot be changed.
  • In the "Create New Page" window, fill out the information as completely as possible
    • The yellow circle with a black down arrow will take what you filled in the block to the left and populate the blocks underneath.
    • Descriptions and Keywords are not required, but are highly recommended as their presence (and accuracy) can help boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Standard menu for creating a new page

  • The Custom Properties menu allows you to make minor modifications to the page you're creating. Try selecting and unselecting each option to see what works best for you!

New Page Custom Menu