How to Create a Site

There's a lot more to creating a webpage than knowing how to code and make things look pretty. 

Creating a website starts with having important information to share and then caring about your audience. Who are they? What type of information are they looking for? What is the best way to convey that to them? 

From there, create a site map, which is just an outline of what content you think should go on your site and on which pages. Creating a site with careful planning and forethought makes it easier for readers to navigate and find the information that they need. 

Once you've made a site map, the next step is to physically create the pages through the CMS. There are many other technical steps in between deciding you want to create a site and launch day, but let Web Management worry about those for you!

Web Managment is excited to help you create a new site for your Department, Organization, or School. Contact the Help Desk if you need helping setting up yours.